Short for dickless. Means that you have no fucking dick. Simple.
you those guys are fucking dl lmfao
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by yourlocalfuckingdumbass September 03, 2019
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Short for Desired Lesbian. Not to be confused with the common use of the abbreviation DL or Down Low.

Used to describe a lesbian who is attractive and sought after by many; a lesbian who lives the β€œdesired” lifestyle on social media; an influencer lesbian.
β€œIf you move to Florida, you’ll become friends with all the influencers and become a DL.”
by TampaBae June 11, 2020
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Some one younger that likes older men. Daddy Lover.
Hey man, like your profile pic, I am a DL. Older men are hot as hell
by Daddeo February 13, 2018
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