1.Short for dreadlord
2. An acronym for dont lag.
1. No no! Its dreadlord not druglord!
2. gl hf dd ds dl - good luck have fun dont die dont suck dont lag
by www.eternalsoldiers.net September 04, 2003
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Acronym for "Dragon Lady"

Describes one or more of the following:
A weird teacher who likes dragons
A weird lady that likes dragons

But usually describes:
A weird Sociology teacher who likes dragons and married her cousin from Alabama.
"Dude, I think DL is talking about her inbred husband again..."
"Yeah, that's just creeping me out.."
"Especially with the whole Dungeons and Dragons thing..."
"Fo sho..."
by Fooo April 09, 2008
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Short for Drug Lord. A common phrase amoung high school students when looking for a dealer. A DL must always be in stock.
Person 1: You know anyone here who is a DL?
Person 2: I heard Logan has quite a stash.
by Chariot November 14, 2007
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Short for Donna Love, a really hot mom
dude mike adam said DL again
mike gives adam the undercrusher
by Anonomyous June 11, 2004
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