Damn Good Dawg. A Georgia bulldog alumni representing the dawgs the right way or doing big things
Friend: The Bears Drafted Roquan Smith!
Me: Yes! He’s a DGD!
by ChazzChaps13 May 15, 2018
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DGD is the word you normally think of when the words "Live free, die young" are chanted. It's referred to as the 'DGD effect'
According to the New York Times, this 'effect' was born on the internet forum Fagex.net, when a user named DGD thought he was immune to the rules of the forum.
Staff: "DGD, stop blatantly ignoring the rules"
DGD: "You gotta live free and die young ladies"
by Mr-Brightside July 11, 2009
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DGD is an acronym for "Digital Gold Digger", commonly but not always referring to a female that coerces a male for sex or companionship only to share or steal his Bitcoins.
Viper: Damnnnn that girl is hot af....
Muz: Dude.... she's a straight up #dgd, Dat hoe gonna rob your bitcoins... Digital gold digger bruh !
Viper: Dammmnnnn, I'm still gonna tap dat ass....
by muzzrx7 May 14, 2019
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Don't Get Dick Slapped
John - Hey I Bought That New Linkin Park CD!
Joseph- DGDS
by thisblackboxlies July 11, 2008
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Dgd is short for "den glade dansken" or in english; "the happy danish". The nr1 chosen beer for broke niggas in sweden. A sixpack for 5 dollhas.
Yo niggha pass me a dgd!
Fuck off, my dgd's not for sale, niggha.
by Motion.5 May 5, 2005
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When a rappers balls start falling off and he has to use his hands to hold them in place.
The rapper one stage kept holding his balls. He must have Degenerative Genital Disorder(DGD).
by DegenerativeGhetto August 21, 2011
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