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A long line of pussies. People who complain about anything and everything. People that would rather sit on there ass all day and eat twinkies instead of getting yolked. People that fake injuries, and come up with a new injury every week. People that might be like a friend, but they are really just your bitch.
Wow that guy sure pulled a risko

That risko is the biggest pussy

Even a drunk risko still smells like a vagina

Risko really fucked the pouche on that one
by DFACorGTFO October 17, 2010
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Acronym for: Don't Fuck Around Crew
Nuff Said
Friend 1. "Risko what are you doing?" Friend 2 "Yeah Risko what the fuck?"
3rd friend"Stop messing around risko! This is DFAC... we don't fuck around...nikka!"
by DFACorGTFO October 24, 2010
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