Variation of ~ (DESATAN or BITCHSANTIS)

Word to describe a selfish politician that looks after his own interest and of the high class.
My friend: "The governor Desantis a.k.a Bitchsantis took the unemployment aid away to keep the money for his presidential campaign and doesn't care people are still struggling"

Me: " Desantis is a little bitch, the people will sue him in court and he can kiss goodbye his presidential aspirations"
by Jay Maniak July 26, 2021
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Desantis - to retaliate after someone speaks their opinion.
Just because my opinion differed from my boss at work, he Desantised me and ruined my career with the company.
by Eric Disney April 29, 2022
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The phenomenon and frustration when your anal douche water doesn’t run clear after repeated tries but your partner is already waiting to hook up. 💩💦🚽
I was in the bathroom for over an hour dealing with DeSantis. Eventually I just gave up and had sex anyway. There was definitely a little Santorum involved.
by manchildh3lms March 29, 2022
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The alarming mixture of blood and fecal matter that are the after-effects of anal rape. Can also be the blood and sloughed uterine lining of a woman's period combined with fecal matter that occurs after being raped in both orifices with no pause in between.

A euphemism for a nasty, messy rape, typically anal, but also vaginal if the woman is in her menstrual cycle.

May also be used as a slur to describe a person who shoves their head so far up another's ass that when removed, is covered in copious amounts of blood and fecal matter.
"Damn, that poor bitch not only lost her job, they pulled a full DeSantis on her!"

"Donny better watch out, the moment he turns his back his closest supporters might bend him over and pull a DeSantis on him."

Ron's aspirations to become top dog were shattered after he pulled a full DeSantis on the Chairman. No one wanted to see that shit. It's a good thing his head was freakishly small, or he could've killed that guy!
by Pewpewpew-Peppy January 7, 2022
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A gaping anal hole that occurs as a result of anal sex with an oversized dildo.
He had a massive DeSantis at the end of that hardcore anal scene.
by RonDeSantissucks April 5, 2022
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When you have a nasty case of diarrhoea and the water gets all pooey after you flush it.
"Don't go in there mate, I flushed it twice and the water's still brown" "Sounds like a DeSantis"
by chirpydalek July 13, 2022
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A petty baby-man who threatens a nostalgic theme park, schools and groups of people for existing.
Dude, are you threatening a popular candy company just because you don't like the new character? You're such a DeSantis!
by Sienne Elle February 27, 2023
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