Short for DuckDuckGo , A privacy respecting search engine.
Don't google it, DDG it.
by z7z7 February 6, 2021
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ddg is the best rapper in history if u heard Elon Musk (the song) with gunna thats ddgs song i love him so much do u know the song Moonwalking In Calabasas?well thats ddgs most popular song
by ily ddg April 3, 2022
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When DDG comes around, my heart beats 1000 beats per second.
by VikkiG April 18, 2017
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DDG = Drop Dead Gorgeous

A very hot person. Can refer to either a male or female.
Kirsty is DDG. She has large boobs and a pretty face.

Matt is DDG. He's got a large penis and good abs.
by Rah bla bla bla blaaaaa March 7, 2009
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Wow these bitches couldn’t lick the dirt off my boot #DDG
by SwankyMcSpanky September 6, 2019
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To address one fine ass lookin female or ho as DDG (Drop Dead Gorgeous), to which her response is "oh, im dead"!
Pimp: All my sexy ho's in here are lookin DDG tonight.
Ho's: oh, im dead!
by pimpinhosinreno April 28, 2007
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A Rust clan that is washed in recent time, founded by non other than the biggest man in Rust.
person 1: yo he's by that rock be careful
person 2: wait hold up, it's a DDG member
person 1: oh, then we got nothing to worry about let's rush him
by tylerniggablevins March 15, 2021
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