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the worst piece of fighting crap ever created. you get some guys on steroids and get in the ring and fight...you'd have to be retarded to think its real.
if you wanna see some real fighting watch some UFC not wwe...
by geekfreek December 21, 2007
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dragonball z is A good anime (imo) that is dragged along a lot. which is why some people don't like it, but it what makes the show great. (imo) consists of Z fighters fighting evils trying to destroy the universe, or the Z fighters fighting in world martial arts tournaments to win zeni. usually fights last 5-10 episodes long, some more 15-20, or even more. there are 291 episodes in dbz and it only has 3 main villians, so do the math. usually when fighing they scream alot to either raise there power level or to transform.
gohan: Ahahsrhrhahahhaghghahr
cell: DIE KID
by geekfreek December 17, 2007
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one of the greatest welterweights in ufc history. he is a former welterweight champion. with a record of 15-3 and of december '07. he is due to fight george st. pierre at UFC 79: nemesis. he was one of the coaches in the ultimate fighter season 7, one of his fighters went on to when the contract, mac danzig, while his other fighter also fought in the finale, tommy speer. also, made histroy by defeating royce gracyie at UFC 60: royce vs. graycie , he was the only one to ever do this.
matt hughes is a great fighter
by geekfreek December 21, 2007
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short for World of Warcraft. A very very very very very very addicting game that will consume your life forever. if you want to sit on your computer all night and eat potato chips go for it and buy this game. WARNING: You WILL lose ALL friends you have unless they play wow too. You will GAIN friends over the internet.
girl: hey wanna go to the movies tonight
guy: nope, sorry busy.
girl: why?
guy: wow.
girl: what?
guy: world of warcraft.
girl: ok...what's so interesting about this..world of warcraft?
guy: oh not much, you can chat on the internet while leveling up by completing quests by killing animals and creatures and finding certain things, while talking on ventrilo with your buddies.
girl: ....
guy: actually tonight i am raiding serpent shrine cavern and tempest keep. we are planning on getting vashj down, maybe kael.Then i'm going to PvP, trying to get enough arena points to get some vengful gladiator pieces. May level my alt mage for a little after that and possibly do some dailies, i'm kinda poor. only got 400g trying to save up for an epic flying mount. And after that i'll prolly go to sleep. have to get up early tomorrow, were trying our first run at hyjal, Play all day, then i'll be free for about two hours if you wanna go see something then.
girl: ONLY two hours?
guy: well, yeah, i have to go to zul' aman.
girl: ....get a life...nerd.....
guy: ....
girl: bye.....
guy: goodbye....
guy drives home, gets on computer...:hey guys sending out invites yet?
guildie: almost
guildie #2: hey anyone a JC?
guy: i am
guildie #2: craft me some gems plz
guy: ok
guildie: invites going out.
guildie #3: anyone need summons?
guy: yeah, lemme craft some gems then send me one
guildie #4: send me one plz.
guildie #5: me too.
guildie #6: same.
...few hours into raid....
guy: leeroy your just stupid
guidie #7: atleast i have chicken.
guy: ...............
....next day.....
guy: so we clearing ZA today?
guildie #4: heck yeah man.
...3 days later....
....4 days later....
raid leader: omg dude? get away from people when theres a shatter! and get out of cave in's
...few days later...
raid leader: OMFG..WTF...ATTACK THE CHAINS!!!
...hour later...
...guy moves..
raid leader: GKICK
...calls girl...
girl: hello
guy: hey wanna see a movie?
by geekfreek December 17, 2007
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