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It is a drinking game. It stands for Drinks....Boobs....Haroo! The basic rules are that whenever someone mentions some form of boob everyone has to take a drink or take part with some sort of banned substance and then yell Haroo after you do it.
We are going to play the game DBH, who is in?

Hiezu says, Boobs!

Naup says, Drink!

Sylara says, Haroo!

*then everyone drinks*
by Hiezu January 28, 2010
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The dip brotherhood. Dip is referring to chewing tobacco. DBH is often used as a hashtag on twitter when talking about dirty o;e chew with boys
Me and the boys just had a dirty ole dip sesh #dbh
by chewbacco March 19, 2012
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1. Do Bong Hits
2. A greeting used by potheads towards other potheads
1. "Yo man, DBH tonight?"

2. "Hey, DBH bro"
by rock.o June 18, 2010
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buy the domain for your diy site
diameter at breast height
she was halfway up a palm tree of 20" DBH when it occurred to the onlooking congressman that her public straddling was not at all lady-like
by fup duck July 01, 2011
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door bell hide-When someone rings the doorbell and you feel like you have to duck down, or hide, and let someone else answer the door.
last night i was doing my homework and the doorbell rang, i totally had DBH, i layed down on the floor and my friend had to answer.
by hola585 June 19, 2011
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Dirty Butt Hole. The term spawned out of the need for people using instant messaging programs to expedite their insults. Using DBH as opposed to it's full form further confuses the intended victim, leading to more 'side effect' humor.
John smells like a DBH.
by Adam M. Frantastic January 23, 2007
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It stands for "Druglike, But Healthy". It's some food that when you eat it , you cannot stop eating that and you know you won't get sick of it, and you'll always want to eat more from that; even if your belly is full. Just like drugs, but pretty healthier, and it doesn't (normally) have bad effects.
Guy 1: Dude what's for supper?

Guy 2: My super potato o'spices cream! try it out!
Guy 1: Dude! this is DBH!! *he eats the whole of it!
Guy 2: Oh my......what am I gonna have for supper now?
Guy 1: Just make more of that!!
by Ber The Espeon December 14, 2014
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