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DBFS is an internet abbreviation for "don't be fucking stupid." Its primary use is to admonish someone for a stupid question or their lame behavior.

DBFS is often preceded by a hashtag (regardless of medium): #dbfs
Allison: What are you doing on Sunday night?
Liz: It's Sunday, we're watching "Game of Thrones." DBFS!
Allison: I haven't started watching it. What is it about?
Liz: Winter is coming. Just watch it. DBFS!
by dbfsjoe September 27, 2013
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He smiled as he did her doggy style and quickly changed lanes unexpectedly DBF 'ed her (Dry Bum Fuck 'ed her)
by Truthsayer May 12, 2017
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Dear Boy-Friend, used by younger girls who hang out on message boards usually frequented by older women who use the term DH (Dear-Husband)
Omg so my DBF and i are tots planning a trip together because we love each other <3 so much
by Dreamdandi January 15, 2011
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Designated Butt Finger- The one finger you use for all your butt upkeep needs, scratching an itch, picking out residual poo etc.
Tom: Get your finger out of my face it reeks!

Bryan: Calm down that's just my DBF.
by brysizzle69 May 15, 2011
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Barbara: I tried to be nice to everyone in class but Tony just seemed to ignore me ):
Kate: That's because you've got a DBF and no one would walk near you.
by paperbridge June 01, 2013
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DBF stands for Dead Beat Fuck. A dead beat fuck is someone who is a low life piece of shit.
Stop hanging out with him he's just a DBF anyway.
by nashtynash December 21, 2015
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