A phrase used to warn that hard times are coming, usually after a period when it seems as though everything is going well.

May be used as a retort to excessive bragging.
"Look at me I just bought a Benz, my stocks are up, my girlfriend's hot, I got the promotion, and you got nothing."

"Yeah well.... Winter is coming, my friend..."
by Winter Warlock January 19, 2012
A sexual act in which a man is banging a girl doggy style, as he is about to ejaculate he flips her over, and yells "WINTER IS COMING!" He then cums all over her face
I heard winter came last night

Yes and winter is coming tonight too ;)
by Dickgraysonsdick March 29, 2017
A phrase used to warn your partner or significant other that you are about to orgasm.
Brace yourself babe, winter is coming.
by MikeyBthehuman May 31, 2014