Does Anybody Else
DAE like getting pegged?
by Tribart September 5, 2009
Short for "Does anyone/anybody else" often with "think" implied. Usually used mockingly to make fun of people who think they have unique opinions when in reality they're very banal, common, and just plain dumb.
"DAE Trump is bad?"
by Queef Monger May 5, 2021
really means -- any one of a number of {blow job} giving folk who like girls under 13yrs old. Alternately it can mean any member of said group who is a member of the JD/ Sir Bart fan club - cause he roxxors the dae peoples moms and sisters. .
All DAE members are so gay that one FerreDuDrknes can pwown em all.

and thier moms dress em funny
by BC owns you homos. February 18, 2005
Dae dae means sexy asf and daddy

Savage killer -money making nigga like L chopo
Dae dae is thermometer making savage like L chopo
by 100 savage March 15, 2017
Dae Dae is another anyoing nigga that will constantly get on your fucking nerves. But you will always want this nigga in yo life be he will always love you in a secret way. Don't fuck up I repeat don't fuck up with Dae Dae... He is loved dearly.
Dae Dae is awesome!
by Damnshelittaintshe February 4, 2018
Dae Dae is the type of man who has an outgoing personality who will often goof around and also know how to piss you off.
Although Dae Dae is a handsome man is to most likely me a tall/ black male whos most likely to have black or brown hair with black or brown eyes, if you have a Dae Dae in your life don't let him go.
Example:Woah who's that incredibly good looking man!

Reply:Oh that's Dae Dae!
by Crazynancy101 March 25, 2022
A nigga who gets pussy and fucks everybody Female who’s over a 10 insight I repeat Hide to your kids hide your wives I repeat hide your kids hide your wives dae dae’s coming for them
Fuck you hear who took drakes girl fucking dae dae he’s taking all the girls now he’s not leaving them for us
by I booked your family June 3, 2020