Slang for Delta-8, A type of “legal weed” that’s intentionally grown with a lower or regulated percentage of THC in it to circumvent strict marijuana laws in some states where weed is still illegal. It looks and smells like the real thing but isn’t nearly as strong.
Bert: “Do you think I’ll get in trouble for having this baggie of D8 on me?”

Tom: “It’s legal in this state. Tape it to your fucking forehead. Who gives a shit?”
by AndyJaeven May 22, 2022
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A gesture with one's face that looks like the letter D with his/her mouth, and 8 for eyes. A very mysterious pose, not known to many.
Look at Dave! He's giving the D8 to someone he doesn't like!
by Backlash June 27, 2003
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For one, it can be 'date' in chat speak.

Second of all, it can be a smilely with D as the mouth and 8 as the eyes. Not many people know what it means, but I believe it may be an extreme case of D:
Girl texting boy: 'hi, i lyk u! wana D8?!"
Boy: "Uh..."

Person 1: *Cough cough* I'm dying... x_x
Person 2: No!! D8 Don't die!!
by Star of Eikou October 18, 2010
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D represents the mouth, 8 represents the bugged-out eyes.

An emoticon used to express (mostly comedic or exaggerated) agony, distress, anger, or suffering.
Usually used in chats.
A- "Hey, wanna come for the party tomorrow?"

B-"Um. I'm so sorry ): I can't go."

by Joy D. Joy June 8, 2011
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d8 is equivelent to the word date.
used in internet chatrooms, or myspace mosty.

also a face when the d is capital.
the d resembles the mouth while 8 is the eyes.
kind of like =3. i'm not sure we know what it means.
by sammy____ September 14, 2006
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Noun: A date you have with someone over the internet or over xbox live;

usually a designated time to get online to talk to this specific person
"I have a hot d8 tonight!"
"Oh yeah? Where at?"
"Me and HotChick69 are meeting in a private chat-room at 8:30."
"Nice! Maybe you'll get some n00dz!"
by hansonpaulsey November 8, 2009
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This is an internet slang emoticon. It is similar in theory to the ubiquitous smiley, however it means:

"Your pet beaver is wearing a hard had and goggles"
"You can't be serious!"

"Yes, i really am, i went to the circus and saw d8="

Translates to..."I went to the circus and saw a beaver wearing a hardhat and goggles".
by James Wilmington June 29, 2006
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