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one of the most amazing bands that'll ever reach your ears,
a band given shitty reviews when they deserve better,
and a band labeled to the max by people who should've actually given time to listen to the cd.
bring me the horizon does own your grandma.
don't piss youself now. kthnx.
by sammy____ September 12, 2006
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d8 is equivelent to the word date.
used in internet chatrooms, or myspace mosty.

also a face when the d is capital.
the d resembles the mouth while 8 is the eyes.
kind of like =3. i'm not sure we know what it means.
by sammy____ September 14, 2006
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Robert Denerstein, Rocky Mountain News
March 10, 2006:
This vivid but brutal remake of Wes Craven's 1977 cult favorite The Hills Have Eyes made me a little sick with its gore and extreme violence. I can't say the movie isn't effective at what it sets out to do, I just didn't want it done to me.
by sammy____ September 10, 2006
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a band that sounds alot like death cab for cutie because the singer happens to be Ben Gibbard.

the band also consists of producer Jimmy Tamborello of Dntel, and a few other bands (headset and figurine). the group formed after ben set vocals to a song on one of Dntel's albums.

the postal service succeeds in creating a unique sound mostly upbeat and poppy.
the postal service. you'll probably like them if you like cheery music. or something like that.
by sammy____ September 13, 2006
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a useful phrase that comes in handy when some dumbass does something 'cool'.
but really. it's stupid.

you're not cool.
actually. you're about as cool as this definition.
that makes sense.
by sammy____ September 13, 2006
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