A DICK HEAD, either in actual shape or in personality.

(Note: If one is a "D.H." because of actual head shape, jacking-off of the head my occur in public by random people)
Ex.: "He got what I like ta call a D.H...." (a what??) "....A Dick Head!!"

Ex. 2: Man, shut the fuck up...Fuckin D.H.!!!
by RAC917 July 18, 2009
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Short for Desperate Housewives

Some use the letter 'h' for another word!
Molly can always spot a D.H. at work or down the block!
by DMGUSA June 18, 2018
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(Verb) Acronym standing for Dry hump meaning to engage in all of the motions of having sexual intercourse while still wearing your pants or underwear.
(See levi lovin)
David, after a particularly vigorous D.H. session with Ivy, had to change his spooge soiled pants.
by Brentwood July 5, 2005
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Back in my college days, a D.H. was our designated "ho" or designated hump. Basically whoever we were doing at the time. Gotta love baseball, though, cause that's were we got it from.
by meatloaf 66 April 8, 2009
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You know Boxer is D.H. when she starts to gets all giggly.
by Inanimate Towel August 25, 2017
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Directorate for Human Intelligence
American Organisation D.H short form for Directorate for Human Intelligence
by Cara Olsen April 11, 2022
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drummer for the dead kennedy's in 1985. Now, after 16 years after they broke up they got back together. But saddly after horrid trials with jello biafra, he was excludid form them. DH peligro didn't come in the band till ted ( the origonal drummer) left.
"D.H. pleigro and the others are total butts for suing jello"
by pilar March 17, 2005
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