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Used in sitcom "The Office". To be assigned to observe co-workers' work activity. Basically a snitch.
I don't have time to see that you all are doing your job, so John, you be the productivity czar.
by IllinoisPam March 26, 2009
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The letdown experienced after standing in an elevator, doors almost closed, and someone activates the sensor in a last minute attempt to board by pressing the outside button or waving a hand between the doors.
I was in a full elevator and experienced Elevation Cessation when Harold did a mean karate chop between the doors, trying to board.
by IllinoisPam April 10, 2009
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When someone enters an elevator expecting the person closest to the panel of buttons to press one for them.
Susan walked into the elevator calling out her floor number with Elevation Expectation.
by IllinoisPam April 10, 2009
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Playing it safe. The interstate speed limit is 65. So,one driving 64 is playing it safe.
I asked Mike is he wanted to spend his bonus on a vacation, but he wants to put it in the bank. He's driving 64.
by IllinoisPam April 04, 2009
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