A Cyrene is Funny,beautiful,and a little bit weird.She tends to trip over stuff easily or even fail at lunch.If u have a Cyrene in your life you are very lucky because she is the best person you'll ever meet.
Cyrene is funny,beautiful,and a little bit weird.
Married to an Erika
by _._32405_._ September 20, 2017
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Comes from the Greek Mythology.. like the Greek Muse(s) 'The Sirens' Very beautiful, seductive and has a lovely voice. Can be friendly but can also be very vicious. As said in the greek mythology, used to lure shipmen from their charming voices and make the shipmen wreck in the rocks of the sea.
Wow, Cyren really fits the description that the Book of Poseidon gives of the actual muses, 'The Siren's'.
by lovepiinkxo February 27, 2010
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She is Asian loves to mess with people (in a good way) she will make you laugh and she will go on adventures with you she is also Asian did I mention that.
Cyrenity cannot make a clay pot with feet that are even. Lmao

by today_is_not_your_day September 19, 2018
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A cyren is any girl who appears very attractive on her online social networking page (e.g. Facebook, Myspace, etc.), but in reality is mediocre, at best. The word is a hybrid form of the words "cyber" and "siren."
My friend Brandon thought he had discovered an online babe. Turns out, she was a total cyren.

Friend 1: Dude, this babe just added me on facebook. I think she wants a piece.
Friend 2: Oh no, stay away from that chick. She's friends with my ex, and is the omega-cyren! TRUST ME.
by notmadjustdisappointed January 26, 2010
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A psychotic person who must have been abused as a child and is on the verge of turning into a Serial Killer.
(22:48.58) (@Cyren): im perfectly relaxed
(22:49.02) (@Cyren): i just want to kill people
(22:49.23) (@Zey): lol
(22:49.26) (@Zey): thats bad :)
(22:49.38) (@Cyren): its art

Your name suits you!
by Zey November 28, 2003
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