1)Someone who is not exactly hot, but still attractive in a more sweet or innocent sense, and have a good personality.
2)The kind of person you want to just run up to and hug.
3) Something like a puppy or a baby that is just plain adorable.
4) Someone who is attractive based only on appearance.
1) Jonny is so cute! He's such a nice person, I love talking to him.
2) After he told me that, I wanted to just hug him! I was so cute!
3) Omg, my new kitten is so cute! I wanna take her everywhere with me!
4) Nick is so cute when he smiles.
by My name is Nom de Plume July 11, 2008
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a delicate and attractive kind of beauty commonly associated with youth, innocence, and helplessness. Human infants and many baby animals define "cuteness" for most people, and the standard characteristics of infancy are typically used to judge the cuteness of other phenomena
by Jimlo March 14, 2006
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something that isnt just adorable but is also eccentric and artistically unusual
Pio Rodriguez is cute because he draws mystical creatures
by Phenomenal operator April 24, 2010
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Cute is a demeaning way to describe a woman who is approachable and endearing. Unlike small children, fluffy toys and puppies, professional women rarely appreciate being called cute. Cute implies that someone is adorable and sweet—qualities that people associate with women due to society’s ingrained expectation of how women should look and act.
Her male colleague called her ‘so cute’ and she reflected on how he would react if she had called him that.
by Sexism Education March 6, 2022
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Youre so cute youre just like Avie
by Josephvava July 13, 2021
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Someone who is attractive all the time and doesn't need to do much to be attractive because she /he has a pretty face
Cute one who simply doesn't have to do much to. Be attractive she/he can be super hot
by Trvpqueen_ July 11, 2015
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