Cute Boy is a boy you take a liking to or have a crush on. Cute Boy is a boy obviously who you think is super cute all you can say is that he is cute.
Girl: *sees her crush walking in her direction*
Girls Best Friend: *whispers to her* OMG its Cute Boy
Girl: I know *stares at him while walking past him*

Best Friend: Hey isn't that Cute Boy?!
Girl: Yeah *gets awkward and blushes* oh boy ...
by HelplessLarbgirl May 6, 2019
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When two boys in a group chat have a conversation in a group call for ten minutes or more with no one else contributing
Matthew and Jorden were having a cute boy moment for like twenty minutes in the group call yesterday.
by 😔✌️ October 26, 2020
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an illness that a cute boy is afflicted by. symptoms include but are not limited to: being cute, having a nice butt, having a cute smile, and just all together being cuddly. there are no known cures for cute boy syndrome.
yooo, my boy julian really do have cute boy syndrome tho! the doctor said there’s no cure
by vinni_minaj January 27, 2021
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That cute boy that you just see in the hallways, but you don't even know his name.... and you just pray to yourself that he likes you.
friend: oh really?? what's their name?
you: erm.. all i just know that he's a cute hallway boy....
by riceina October 26, 2022
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There are many.

But here are 11.

1. Min Yoongi
2. Kim Taehyung
3. Kim Namjoon
4. Jung Hoseok
5. Park Jimin
6. Kim Seokjin
7. Jeon Jungkook
8. Jaeyoung-Hwan Kyeong
9. Eunin-Hwan Kyeong
10. Ryan Oshiro
11. Etsuji Oshiro

Y'know, I really wanna date a cute asian boy..but im not gay.
by RandomFuFu February 18, 2018
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When a boy acts cute and flirty but adds something sexual or about other girls. These boys are typically your “I don’t do relationships or labels” boys. They usually end up actually liking you but don’t know how to express there feelings without being a fuck boy at the same time.
Fuck boy: “There are hella hot bitches at this party but all I can think about is you”
Girl: “That was fuck boy cute”
by babygirlsam January 23, 2021
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The best duo of best friends everrrr. They smile all day and make fun of each other but they know that they will always have each other's backs. And the boy is very fat still he means the world to the cute girl and she is very happy to have him. They both are adorable and everyone is jealouf of them
Look at them. They are such a fat boy cute girl pair .
by lilsnshine May 31, 2015
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