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Cute Boy is a boy you take a liking to or have a crush on. Cute Boy is a boy obviously who you think is super cute all you can say is that he is cute.
Girl: *sees her crush walking in her direction*
Girls Best Friend: *whispers to her* OMG its Cute Boy
Girl: I know *stares at him while walking past him*

Best Friend: Hey isn't that Cute Boy?!
Girl: Yeah *gets awkward and blushes* oh boy ...
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by HelplessLarbgirl May 06, 2019
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What scene girls call the boys that are scene. They want their cuteboy to take pictures with them and then put it on myspace. They need a cuteboy who has cute hair, a cute face, cute clothes, hipbones that stick out for miles, and not to mention 1000+ friends on myspace.
Omgz. I want a cuteboy so bad,fill out my boy fran app. blog. Come b my cuteboy k?
by Courtney S. October 30, 2005
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