To fart, typically a long and possibly wet fart.
1. I couldn't wait to get out of the elevator, so I could Cut Loose.

2. I was about to bend my secretary over her desk, when she cut loose right on my junk.
by Gonzo Shitcock January 14, 2015
actions or behavior that reflect a carefree, usually impulsive manner of doing just what one pleases; living in the moment
The hotel pool is brimming with wild college students cutting loose for Spring Break.
by D.S. Credito March 13, 2015
meaning to go, away from the scene
yo i dont wanna see dem lets cut loose, before they get here, yeh
by the barse man October 12, 2008
a verb; meaning to break up with a partner; sometimes altruistically or for selfless reasons.
My girlfriend told me she was going to, "cut you loose" after her diagnosis: it was surely an act of love -- she had a short time to live.
by RYoung July 29, 2014