The way the object curves or the flight pattern/curving pattern of an object
The ball had a nice curvature as it went in the goal
by Chocarinaition January 10, 2015
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When she has the best body in the world
Damn, shorty has hella curvature
Wow have u seen her curvature
by Lil_dictionary September 30, 2018
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the vulva; a woman's genitals

pussy vagina cunt twat beaver box cooter muff vag cooch gash sex
"and then he (or she) went down, down the curvature road...."
by wellididwarnu April 11, 2016
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Usually brought up when one is in spandex, it is how large the sack that shows is.
by BEARmanPie December 29, 2009
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