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Discovering not long after leaving the bathroom from dropping a hot, steamy "deuce" that you're not quite done yet. Kinda like how grunting out a monster turd opens the floodgates.
John: "Okay, Let's head out and grab a beer."

Jason: "Hold up. I gotta hit the Thunderdome."

John: "You were just in there for like 10 minutes dude!"

Jason: "Yeah, I know. I gotta make a Curtain Call."
by matterri September 13, 2016
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Performing cunnilingus (oral sex on a female). Licking the beef curtains or veal drapes.
Fav: Bad news dude.
Dolan: Eh, what?
Fav: Mr. Barclay walked in while I was performing a curtain call on Sarah last nite.
Dolan: I thought you said he was taking his wife out for dinner?!
Fav: He was, only once they ordered he realized he forgot his wallet at home. In he comes while his daughter's legs are over her head and I have a face full of fish flaps. Needless to say, Sarah is grounded and I am 86'ed.
Dolan: No quim for you, one year !
by Fav April 11, 2008
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the female version of tea bagging; when a female places her vagina, "meat curtain", on an unsuspecting sleeping victims face.
That party was awesome. I passed out and woke up to hear the girls yelling CURTAIN CALL. I'm never gonna wash this sweet smelling tang juice off my face.
by brockleerob August 08, 2008
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Goldust Finishing move. Pretty much a fallin neck breaker
Curtain Call is the gayiest wrestling move out their!
by Word10000001Life May 14, 2004
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a return to the lavatory for an 'encore dump' or a 'second sitting'
wow, i just had to have a curtain call with that one
by sean February 07, 2005
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Female version of Tea-Bagging someone or something.
A gal pal of mine told me she dropped a Curtain-Call on a date, after he passed-out while making-out w/ him,...standing O...;)
by smdvr August 14, 2010
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