A grumpy old man meaner than a codger or geezer.

He yells rules at you like:" If you break that you gotta pay for it!!"

...or..." Didn't you see the sign on my lawn: KEEP OFF THE GRASS?!!!"

A very mean old man who pissed you off because you really didn't do anything to him!
That old curmudgeon called the cops on me for knocking on his door!!!

That curmudgeon next door just gave me the finger!

That curmudgeon over there accused me of breaking his window and says he gonna sue!!!
by thedzone September 22, 2009
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somebody considered to be bad-tempered, disagreeable, or stubborn. A killjoy, a wet blanket
Roy is a curmudgeon, lets not invite him.
by Curmudgeony September 10, 2008
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cur·mudg·eon /kərˈməjən/

Noun: A bad-tempered or surly person
Michelle is a curmudgeon, she got all bent out of shape when some twitwad wouldn't leave her door alone, and she yelled at them.

Grandpa is becoming a old curmudgeon!
by Fauxrook April 5, 2011
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Stupendously stubborn know-it-all gits who seem almost religious in saying 'no' to anything that does not match their opinions and outlook. Can easily be found in most technical departments of new media companies.
An ex-CTO in a dot com in London (self-confessed)
by Ed November 24, 2004
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Grandpa has always been a resembled the curmudgeon Bernie Sanders when we tell him to comb his hair.
by vikinghorde September 30, 2015
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A self-opinionated nut case.
Jurras, nicknamed The Grand Curmudgeon believes that poor manners are a virtue. He is also known as the "Cloaca Maxima"
by J.E. Walker October 8, 2003
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