I am cupcaking via text message with this cute guy I'm interested in dating.
by KG8 March 16, 2018
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To put your hand on another persons bum when they fart, and then put your hand to their face making the one who farted smell their own fart.
I foreign cupcaked my friend when he farted and made him eat his own fart.
by Skreaming Flea October 13, 2017
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While docking using the foreskin of another man's penis for a pocket vagina.
Brad's supple and soft foreskin was more than adequate for prime ejaculation during a quick French Cupcake.
by Admiral foreskin August 05, 2017
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To cum on a woman's breasts. Preferably B or C cups.
She didn't want frosting in the oven so I was frosting her cupcakes instead.
by collapsing-a-hole March 20, 2010
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The popular slang for when you love/hate the DJ Cupcaine.
"Fuck Cupcake!"
"Bro, have you ever seen Cupcake live?
Fuck Cupcake! That guy throws down"

"Yeah fuck 🧁"
by StrungOutW00k April 29, 2020
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