A typically scraggly person who can search and destroy cupcakes with an uncanny otherworldly ability., also known as a "chubs"
Dont bring cupcakes to work chubs is a cupcake warrior.
by Cap'n crazy pants April 19, 2018
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This is when a girl finds another girl really attractive.
*hence- The love in the room.
lovecupcake zazaemogirlsmileimvuchat
by Cupcake GI Jane September 29, 2011
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kup-KĀ-ki-kal: Having the likeness of a cupcake, that is, mainly being adorable but like, with a hint of magic.
“What was he like?” “He was just so...cupcakical, if you know what i mean.”
by psycho.marsh August 20, 2018
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Pouring glaze over top of a penis before devouring it like it’s her birthday.
Jason: hey it’s tuesday babe
Erin: I wish I was cupcaking the shit outta your cock
Jason: kk
by Jswizzlefoshizzle April 24, 2018
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Cupcaking is a sex act where the male cums on shit as it is poking out of his partners ass, and then proceeds to feed the cum covered shit to their partner
I was Cupcaking Sarah last week, what a fucking freak!
by Pontel March 07, 2017
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When two or more men engage in sexual activity.
Did you see Erik and Dave in the bathroom? They where cupcaking!
by Bucur112 February 19, 2021
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