The act of a male giving a female cupcakes in return for possible "booty".
"I made this sexy dime piece the best booty cupcakes you ever seen."
by Naoto February 09, 2015
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(noun) referring to a particular method of eating a cupcake whereby the bottom of the cupcake is twisted off, inverted, then placed on top of the frosting of the top half thus creating something akin to a frosting sandwich.
Hi- can we get three Boston style cupcakes? To go?
by PEBAC101 March 12, 2015
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When someone brings something unnecessary to a party and/or doesn’t clean up their own ass mess.
When a basic white girl brings box cupcakes to a Birthday party that already has a big birthday cake and then quickly leaves, Mason might respond “That bitch left her cupcakes. The audacity.”
by Floatonok November 25, 2020
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The cookie to my cupcake means someone is worth everything to u and u would do anything to them.
by Jani123456 January 13, 2021
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After concluding the initial timeframe of the cupcake phase (up to 5 years) you then come to a realization, you are now and forever bound to everlasting happiness. Reference Cupcake phase.
Patrick and Wendy are in an eternal cupcake phase
by Winniepo0 April 06, 2018
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A reference to the attire of Kate Perry and her back-up dancers in the video "California girls".... it is usually said by girls to compliment another girl on how delicious any baked goods they made in the oven look.

Can also refer to a picture of a girl holding up a baked good in a stylish pose.
1) Picture of a girl holding a pink cupcake in a stylish pose

Girl 1: (comment) Wow, you did a good job baking! Topless cupcakes!

Girl 2: Agreed, Topless cupcakes
by jwlnler88 August 02, 2010
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