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A slutty girl who dated your boyfriend three years ago but is still obsessed with him. She tends so have super short hair that is trashily bleached, although it is subject to change at any moment. The previous trashy colors include; pink, black, blue, red, and brown. Also her hair tends to include trashy extensions that never match her hair color, and that are way to long to be believable. She pretends to be a Bible Humper but in all reality she is just a whore that attends church. She is in no way attractive so most pictures involve her sticking her tongue out or making another unflattering face to make her misfortune seem purposeful. Her real name tends to be Courtney but her unusual cuntness is why people call her Cuntney.
Girl1: You know that bitch Skippy dated? She just put a picture of them up on Facebook from three years ago.

Girl2: God, she is such a Cuntney.
by shameful9219 May 06, 2011
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Word used to describe a person of London based origin ( cockney ).
"I hate going to London. I just can't stand the way those cuntneys talk"
by Thumpa April 04, 2005
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Cuntney is a talentless bitch. She enjoys talking shit on everyone, especially about theater even though her vocals sound like a pig orgy. She thinks she's all that even though she isn't and she has extremely fucked up teeth and an oddly shaped body.
"It's cuntney, not courtney."
by Platypussylove July 14, 2017
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