Coloring in pictures naked; preferably with a female acquaintance. A common variation of cunting involves the male having an erection during the coloring process.
Hey man, I was cunting with your girlfriend last night - Me
I saw the pictures from it, they were exquisite. - Friend
I know, your girlfriend taught me to color in the lines. - Me
by falball432 February 25, 2013
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on a mission to pull, make acquaintence with a person of female status.
"Ma, dinnit botha wi' me tea t'night, I'm off oot cunting"
by Bob Potts August 19, 2003
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Hunting for gapped-toothed whales: extra large muffin topped fatties with huge spaces between the front teeth. Thoughtless woman who lacks intelligence, uses people and always expects something for nothing.
Misty is cunting around town, (ruining peoples lives, sleeping with anything that will buy her a pack of smokes, is the epitomy of hypocrit and eats spaghetti with the delicious sauce known as ketchup)
by RealHousewives June 16, 2011
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The annual hunt of cunts.

Typical Season-Spring Break
Redneck 1-Dude lets go cunting
Redneck 2-Alright ill bring the shotgun and cuffs
by Mady&Ryan=Fapping January 09, 2012
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1.(Activity) The sexual act of placing one cunt against another and profusely rubbing the two cunts together (almost like Scissoring)

2. (Verb) Cunting can be used to replace the infinitive of any verb in the english language

3. (Adjective) Replacing cunting's suffix with a -y (Cunty) can be used as a replacement for any adjective in the english language, but is mostly used to describes ones mood
Sara and Lizzy, the two local lesbians, spent their friday evenings vigourously cunting

Mark: Oi are you cunting tennis after class?
John: Of course you silly boy, i always cunt tennis after class on thursday

Jeff: How are you feeling?
Dave: Pretty cunty to be honest mate.
by TopHattedMan December 01, 2011
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The act of purposely seeking out the biggest cunt in a social setting (i.e. bar, club) with the intentions of humbing her by way of fucking her and never calling.
When Sylvester began flirting with the nursing student who drove a BMW and wore Paris Hilton glasses, I knew he was cunting.
by tactrash July 10, 2008
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