The journey one must take on their way to a booty call. Usually used in cases of longer distance traveling e.g. out of town.
"You still bangin' that one chick?"

"Yeah its like 30 minute drive though"

"That's one hell of a cummute"
by Breendo November 11, 2011
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noun. a person, generally a woman, who rides with you to and/or from work and performs oral sex, to make the long drive go by quicker. A good cummuter rarely talks and usually always swallows.

guy #1:Hey dude how was your early morning drive?
guy#2:It was amazing! i got a cummuter and it made the 45 minutes fly by!
guy#1:I told you man, it makes a huge difference!
by ragingpolarbear October 28, 2011
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(Verb) To drive more than 30 miles for sex.

See also: Cummute
“After (insert name here) realized there were very few suitable mates nearby, they/them decided their best option was “cummuting” to another city full of potential new lovers.”
by George A. O’Reef July 30, 2022
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