In reference to a woman being good for nothing more than sexual gratification.
Kelly can't cook or clean but I call her every now and then to use her as a cum cave.
by beer and boobs for breakfast October 5, 2010
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A cave formation molded by semen for hundreds of years in order to sustain maximum moisture on the walls of the cave, and is the place for couples to endulge in massive orgies over one kiss or a handhold, as it gives everyone unusual sexual desires and a want to fuck, you can't control yourself and after some time become a sex goblin.
Guy: Let's go have sex in cum cave.
Girl: No you sex goblin.
Guy: Please?
Girl: Okie dokie.
by Harzenio July 21, 2020
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A place for a man, or a teenager to ejaculate on a regular basis.
Usually his room
Charlie has been masturbating in his cum Cave the whole day. We should get him out
by Masterofthebathing December 23, 2019
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