A polite word for white-trash, made famous by Deena of Drink 'til We're Funny Podcast Culkin, like Macaulay culkin.... nothing more has to be said :P
"If you have to choose between well water and city water, you might be culkin"

"You might be Culkin if you have ever sat down in the garage with the garage door open watching people go by."

"you might be culkin if you have ever worn plastic bread sacks as clothing"
by Berto S April 18, 2007
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White Trash, Trailer Park Trash ; polularised on the Drink Til We're Funny Podcast
Rhinestone T-Shirts are a staple of the Culkin lifestyle.

"That is SO culkin"
by Daniel Riddle April 18, 2007
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Something that is white-trash. The phrase was coined by Deena on the Drink 'Til We're Funny podcast and is used usually as a codeword when talking about people while you're around them.
You might be culkin if you have cars in your yard sitting on bricks.
by Jeffrey from Ruston April 23, 2007
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noun; A person who was very popular, happy, and had tons of friends as a child but grew up alone and jobless. Usually ends up turning to drugs for comfort.
Friend 1: Remember that one kid from high school, Alex, I think? That kid was craaazy, we had some fun times with him!
Friend 2: Dude that kid was always the life of the party! What ever happened to him?
Friend 3: I saw him in the paper for possession of cocaine and marijuana.
Friend 2: Wow, what a Macaulay Culkin.
by Everyones Gay December 16, 2012
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The act of shouting the word "Fuck!" and then placing your hands on your face and letting your mouth hang open.
Nick pulled a Fuckaulay Culkin when he saw that someone had stolen his moms car after he took it to go buy some pot.
by Shaakakaan July 23, 2011
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Placing two fecal hand prints onto your partner's face cheeks so that it looks like Macaulay Culkin in "Home Alone"
I wore the Dirty Culkin you gave me this morning all day at work.
by jayjayjunior January 4, 2009
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