A pretty girl that is a slut. Pretty, but not rare. You can get some anywhere.
Guy: "That girl a 10. I'd get with her."
Girl: "Nah boy don't do that. She a rhinestone. She pretty but she got that dirty snatch."
by klikklak January 17, 2011
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'Man, she's ugly, shes blatently got a rhinestone.'

'I was fucking this fat ugly chick the other night, and her rhinestone just squirted at me.'

Ahhh a rhinestone, the perfect way to a flaccid penis.
by the rhinestone master June 10, 2010
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A code word for wanting to be in private, or so you can communicate something about another person without them knowing...
Person one 'Rhinestone'
Person two *dissapears*
by chesticles5678 October 16, 2009
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Rhinestone Romeo is a hopeless romantic who thinks life and love is like a fairy tale or Disney movie.
who do you think you are? Some kind of Rhinestone Romeo?

Wow that guy Trevor, he's a Rhinestone Romeo.
by dasherndancer November 27, 2017
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When a girl masturbates. The term gets its name from when a girl masturbates by rubbing her clitoris (rhinestone). Some synonyms are polishing the pearl, flicking the bean, etc.
Don't bother Sally after school from 3:00-4:15, she'll be busy rubbing the rhinestone.
by DC_DC May 11, 2015
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A term used to describe a girl's eyes that are beautiful.
She definitely has Rhinestone Eyes.
by The Human Joe December 10, 2010
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decorative objects necessary for the razzle dazzle of unnecessary house-hold items. They can be applied using the now dead Billy Mays' Mighty Mend It with fucking green to white technology.
You can put on rhinestones with it.
by Anal Raspberry Monologue July 7, 2009
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