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People who look scuzzy, who have rotted teeth, who drink malt liquor as their preferred beverage of choice, and who could make it in this world if their werent so inclined to be so lazy. They are normally quite bitter about said laziness, and are seemingly oblivious to the fact that it's their own fault.

Imagine someone who is on drugs, who doesn't shower, and says things that would indicate that the person is indeed a few sandwiches short of a picnic.
Chris Haviland works for UPS as a dirty janitor who never showers, has a mostashe from the old west days, and says things that never makes sense. Also has a lot of anger over his self-imposed misery.
by Mr. Bird November 13, 2004
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@ Anthony Stutsman
Anthony is straight up trailer park trash he Does nothing with his life, apparently has "big ass hick" friends, is too worried about his ex's life instead of his own, chews and spits in a can, lives in a trailer, thinks he's big and bad. "You're gonna wish you were with me" okay bitch boy.
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by Tiddybitch August 24, 2017
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