A man who willingly encourages his wife to sleep with other people because it brings him pleasure. Cuckolds exist on a spectrum between two extremes. One on end is the masochistic cuckold who enjoys humiliations, degradation, and other demeaning activities at the hands of his wife and her lover. The alpha cuckold lies at the opposite end of the spectrum and does not enjoy any form of humiliation and often has a direct say in who his wife sleeps with and when.
His wife made him a cuckold when she slept with his best friend.
by The Cuckolds Cave January 07, 2017
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Jerry Falwell Jr. could not please his wife, so he got a pool boy to do it while he watched and was cuckolded...
by JoeSchmo23 August 24, 2020
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A man who finds arousement in watching his girlfriend/wife having sex with another man.
Damn, gotta find myself some of that cuckold porn. I just love that feel of hate-fapping!
by fatalerror248 November 02, 2013
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A man who enjoys watching his wife commit adultery or be unfaithful with other men.
Ben watched and filmed his wife have sex with another man. The fetish of being a cuckold.
by Urbanderp420 November 01, 2019
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A word used to describe a married man who's wife is sleeping with other men.
Believe it or not, there are many cuckolds in todays society.
by KillerX415 November 18, 2009
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Historically a cuckold was a man who was married to an adulteress wife. The dictionary defines a cuckold as “a man with an unfaithful wife.” Cuckolding in this form is as old as the institution of marriage itself. Traditionally a cuckold was an object of scorn among the community and was looked upon as someone who could not satisfy his wife’s sexual appetite. It is only in the last century that the term cuckold has come to take a different meaning.
Learn more about this lifestyle at www.learntocuckold.com Were you can find a no-risk guide that will teach you how to get your woman to willingly cuckold you without ever having to worry about what your woman will think or say about your cuckold desires.
by The Cuckold Coach February 11, 2012
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A husband or long term boyfriend who either likes to watch his wife with other men or is forced to watch. Often there are different levels of humiliation involved such as chastity, financial, sissification, etc. Terms surrounding cuckold include cuckolded, hotwife, bull, lover, etc.
Different levels of cuckolding can be seen at www.KingdomFetish.com Here the wives show you the many different levels of cuckolding.
by Hotwife Kira July 23, 2009
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