1.A man who is the last to know that his wife has been unfaithful.
2.A very sad person who cannot satisfy his wife
3.a poor sucker married to a slut.
lets look to the celebrities for this one...cuckold...
by How to Kill A Mocking Bird February 06, 2009
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This phrase came to a rise in early 2015 and is now and internet sensation Made famous by gym enthusiast 'ed whitehead' and his aggressive girlfriend Gemma who fucked Tyrone infront of him whilst she gave him a black eye and took all of his money and his house...
Me - "yo Adam, is ed whitehead out tonight?"
Adam - "nah bro, ed whiteheads getting cuckold by Gemma and Tyrone"
by Rhyshughes123 March 31, 2017
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A sexually inadequate husband who accepts his wife can skank around and fornicate with other men. He quietly carries on with life whilst his wife flirts with Men online and meets them for hot sex. In doing so, he hopes that she won't leave him.
Garry's mates know he's a Cuckold and that he ignores his Wife Angie slipping off to have hot sex with Andrew in the hope that it will satisfy her and she will stay as his wife and Mother to his children
by kundalini January 04, 2011
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A submissive man who lets his wife fuck other men
Josh and Scott went on a trip together. Josh though Scott liked him. But in reality Scott wants him to fuck his wife. Making him a cuckold
by Kingallen May 30, 2019
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A person (formerly only a man, but now one of either gender) who is the spouse of an adulterer.
During the Clinton Administration, Hillary Rodham Clinton was sometimes sarcastically referred to as "The First Cuckold."
by Anthony Brancato April 19, 2003
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A cuckold is someone, usually a submissive male, often with a small penis that enjoys providing for a woman who is free to have sex with whomever she pleases.

Usually, but not always she has sex primarily with other men.

Today the term is generally associated with sexual gratification through extreme submission.
Cuckquean: Female Cuckold
Brooke is always telling her boyfriend Nathan about her sexual escapades. Nathan is such a cuckold he cums every time.
by Cuckold4Ever May 06, 2018
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