Acronym for Central Standard Time. It is six hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.
The majority of the Florida Panhandle is located in CST.
by e-dalgo November 03, 2004
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Cock Slapping Therapy- When a male kneels above a womans head (while she is lying on her back) and slaps her in the face with his penis
CST - when you are stressed, go home and kneel directly over your girls head and use your penis to...slap
by SassyAss92128 September 17, 2008
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Carmen standard time, synonymous to being late 30 minutes to 1 hour. First coined in Toronto, Canada. Named after a local resident, CST has been adapted and spread to other provinces. The handiness of the term has been intrigal to its continued popularity.
Person 1: when's everyone arriving?
Person 2: noon CST
Person 1: so 12:30-1?
by bladrisimmortilis February 18, 2017
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