An event in which an orgasm is so powerfully moving, that one, or both parties involved cries after climaxing.
Yeah, I used to have a thing with Tyler but I couldn't take the crymaxing any more so I told him I was lesbian.
by Dylan Hardy November 23, 2007
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This is when you cry just after you have climaxed during sex, as per the Scrubs episode when Carla confirms that Turk doing it freaked her out!
Carla- "I got freaked out when Turk cried after sex"
Turk- "BABY?!?"
J.D.- "It's ok to Crymax, Brown Bear"

Crymaxing is wierd, don't believe J.D.!!!!
by jk1985 April 9, 2008
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The ultimate show of vulnerability during sex. The act of bursting into tears at the point of orgasm or climax. Can be either tears of joy, shame, or immediate regret.
Everything was going well until she crymaxed at the last minute. I didn't know whether to keep pounding away or stop and hug her...

He's great, but he tends to crymax at the end of sex, which makes him hard to take seriously afterward.
by UrbanDicktionarian December 20, 2013
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Sex that feels so incredibly good that you start to tear up from the overwhelming pleasure during the edge of climaxing.

The term doesn't necessarily have to apply to sex. Could be anything that gets you off or that pleasures the senses.
Man, that cheeseburger from the gourmet restaurant was so fucking good that I started to crymax after savoring just one bite.

Jenna pandered his boyfriend's foot fetish by letting him worship her feet. Minutes later he crymaxed so hard from the overwhelming sense of euphoria.
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When a person cries during an orgasm
OMG, I slept with Brian last night, and he crymaxed on me.
by faetastic May 17, 2006
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"Taylor was so emotional after sex, he crymaxed"

"Taylor thought he was in a safe-zone in Matt's car and admitted that he once crymaxed. It turned out that Matt's car was not a safe-zone."
by SozTDawg May 29, 2013
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