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When a person cries during an orgasm
OMG, I slept with Brian last night, and he crymaxed on me.
by faetastic May 16, 2006
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A NJ Guido with more hair gel than sense.
Traits of a guido...
~ Too much hair gel with ultra spikey spikes and a hairband to keep the hairgel from dripping into their eyes.
~ Waxed eyebrows (not usually a big deal, but guidos are males)
~ Chin up, head tilted back stance, obviously this pose is used to try to intimidate non guidos.
~ Likes to brag about money but probably takes back empties for Heiniken money.
~ They think they're a hotti, but they're really a gotti. Hence, hotti gotti.
by faetastic January 17, 2006
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