Caramello is a strong beautiful woman who doesn't like to talk but she is a drama queen she hates almost everyone caramello has looks that could kill
by Ella rose August 5, 2017
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When an older woman with a hairy vagina wants to have sex with ypu in the backyard.
Hey John, id really love a caramello koala
by Razor24 October 28, 2020
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When you take a diarrhetic shit in all holes of a girls body and fill her insides up like a caramello koala.
"I turned Stacy into a caramello koala"
"What did she taste like?"
"Shit, of course"

"caramello koala me"
by Its Me Lenny May 21, 2009
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When a person has a white parent and a black parent they are a mix of black and white so they are a caramello koala
Did you know that both Drake and Barack Obama are caramello koala’s
by It’s not racist September 11, 2018
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A Caramello is rare but very annoying, once it spots you it always knows where you are.
Caramello is very annoying and looks like a troll
by Caramello is so yellow August 5, 2017
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