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emma is a basic whore who cant come up with her own personality so she steals other peoples. she has the AUDACITY to be named EMMA. whos so basic that they name their kid EMMA. she is a complete bitch and stops hanging out with you because you got better friends.
person 1: wow have you seen emma?
person 2: yeah that little slut acts all hot when actually nobody has liked her.
person 1: she completely stole her friends personality and cant be original.
by .....moon baby......... May 27, 2020
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the best human you could possibly meet. he’s been through a lot but he’s such a sweetheart behind the tough exterior. don’t ever let this man go. nobody else could ever treat you as amazing as cyre. he’s insecure and it’s sad he can’t see he’s perfect.
by .....moon baby......... May 27, 2020
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You use this when talking about heterosexuals. Because the straight people say “that’s kinda gay” as an insult, the gays say “that’s kinda hetero”.
Girl 1: me and my boyfriend are going on a vacation!!
A homosexual: that’s kinda hetero bro..
by .....moon baby......... May 27, 2020
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