Someone who has never had a crush
I was a crush virgin until I liked this guy... I lost my crush virginity
by Noalpacas May 9, 2021
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When you keeping falling for more and more people and don't know what to do.
" I got crush wrecked so many times today at school and now I don't know what to do"
by Mikayuu October 28, 2016
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Girl:Hey do you want to go on a date? Boy:why? Girl:because it’s Date your crush for a week day
by Bananaboo315 December 11, 2019
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A person you have a crush on and consider to be dominant, attractive and trustworthy (even if they are not to be trusted) and you want them to d0m you (non-s3ggual or not 😏)
Omg Its my dom crush!!!
by R o m a n t i c <3 December 2, 2021
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Same basic idea of a donkey punch, except as you finish her, you finish your natty daddy and use the back of her head as a can crusher.
Was totally smashing last night and my homie tossed me a piss warm natty, cleared it and donkey crushed it on that hoe. #Necrophelia
by Demkitties February 7, 2019
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when you have a dream, usually involving someone you know, and something maybe a little romantic goes on, and you develop a confused crush for them (like a "maybe i had this dream because i like them" crush). probably most common with pre-teen girls.
A: dude!!! i had this dream where i kissed ___ and i don't know if i like her now or not!!
B: oh, dudeski, that's totally a dream crush. i get those almost nightly.
by royaume March 4, 2016
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Just like a term “Friend Crush”. A Cuddle Crush is some you would like to have cuddles with.

One wanting platonic cuddling from a certain individual.
I have a cuddle crush on Chris Evans. I just wants hugs from him.
by RD100543 March 23, 2021
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