The act of any Emergency Services apparatus (especially Fire Department) cruising through flooded-out areas and checking for floating bodies.
Once we were through crunkin', we headed back to the station.
by Woobey March 21, 2007
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Getting very drunk on expensive alcohol while listening to crunk music. You have to be at least part black or be black on the inside to be considered crunkinated.
Nick wants to get crunkinated but he is much too white and likes to drink Hawkeye Vodka.
by Da Crock January 6, 2006
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It means to be very cool, crazy, fuckin great, awesome or it can be substituted as "hell yeah".
"Man I went to a crunkin party last shit"
"Thats crunkin fo sho"
by Tigga July 3, 2003
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Something that is astonishing, or unbeleivable. Could relate to a party, a young woman, or a car.
"Damn girl, you're all crunkin and shit"

"See Wally's lux ride? Those hydraulics are crunkin."
by Lil Jon September 11, 2003
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Performed like a jumping jack however more intense and while yelling out words like Lil' Jon. Intense jumping jacks with Lil' Jon like energy
Joe: *jumping jack* YEAH!!!
Joe: *jumping jack* WHAT!!!

Conrad: What are you doing?

Joe: Crunkin' Jacks!!!
by Chipper 52 July 3, 2010
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