Crumping is a full body twerk which involves a lot of core muscles
Girl1: You’ll never guess what I learnt?
Girl2: wha?
Girl1: I’m rlly good at crumping!
by RainyRose April 28, 2020
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Walking over freshly fallen snow; so called because of the ‘crump’ noise that your footsteps make as you walk. Note: This is totally different to Trumping which is stamping over everything while talking loudly of things you know nothing about.
The clouds have cleared away, let’s go crumping.
by AKACroatalin December 27, 2016
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Verb: As opposed to the form of dance spelled with a K, crumping is the act of putting your hands in your pockets and grabbing someone through your pants. Additional points are given for rhyming by way of crumping someones rump, jumping into a crump, or crumping Donald Trump.
I'm gonna crump Denise right now.
*puts hands in pockets, grabs denise*
Me: You've been crumped. I love crumping.
by rumpcrump3000 March 1, 2011
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The act of dressing up as a crumpet. Covering yourself with butter and jam and then through a series of dance like shaking movements attempting to remove them before your competitors.
Man that was the worst crumping I have ever seen, you were as fresh as just out of the packet.
by Dragonwars11 January 21, 2009
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A technique used to masturbate a male equine by use of the hands. One hand is placed around the main part of the penis, the other is placed over the glands. This simulates either an artificial vagina or the vagina of a female horse. Backward pressure is used on the glands and moderate forward pressure is used on the main part. The male equine will thrust forward and the handler must perform the technique in rhythm in order to achieve ejaculation correctly. This method can be used to collect semen in a container or not, which simulates an open artificial vagina. This technique is used when a proper artificial vagina is not available.
In a pinch, Jack successfully masturbated his stallion using the crumping method.
by HorseEnthusiast September 12, 2016
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Crumping is a conjunction of the words: crusty and humping
John and Mary were found crumping in the corner.
by MaChar August 14, 2013
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To dance in a krump-like manner over bubble wrap while pimp slapping your Slore (Slut -Whore)
Hey yo dawg, I was crumping all over your girl last night. Pop pop.
by E-Tay March 18, 2008
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