A male person who would abandon his friends to pick up nickels in a corn field and dumpster pump with Ben Shapiro in Los Angeles. While picking up the nickels, Glenn Beck is usually standing behind, ready to lift the dress and sodomize the crowder when he bends over. He's definitely not gay, but he loves to admire the male body while simultaneously ignoring his supermodel wife's plea for children.
Dude, when I was driving through Iowa, I saw a crowder that I thought was a scarecrow being dry humped by a fat colonel sanders looking gay guy.
by homerolieo June 10, 2019
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1. Noun. A person (in most cases male) who picks the urinal next to another guy when there are nonadjacent urinals still available; usually still applies even when there are dividers.

2. Similar to people who talk when they piss

"Dammit Michael, stop being such a Crowder!"
by Rqrwuerlrj December 18, 2008
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Man, I kept hiting it into the lip and it kept rolling back into the sand trap. I really Crowdered that sand trap.
by UB Wan kanobee August 10, 2011
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When you've been forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement by a half asian lawyer as to never speak to the fact that someone you worked with was in fact a flaming homosexual who dresses as a woman and likes to wrestle men on film.
Yea I heard Not gay Jared was crowdered last week. Ironic his boss labeled him "not gay" since he's clearly isn't gay, has a wife and children while his boss wears dresses, has no kids and wrestles with men on film.
by itshallbelifetenbears September 13, 2019
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To be horrible at baseball and finally do something half way decent, and have it taken away.
"Dude, you almost got hit, but that diving catch killed it. You got crowdered!"

"Damn kid, you always get crowdered!"
by Alphonse Reece August 25, 2008
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(krau-der) : in relation to or in direct reference of the hair follicles coming down from the southern portion of the cranium.
I am working on growing my crowder! It will be as beautiful as David Crowder's
by JohnJohn1186 September 15, 2005
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someone in your space even if they were there first.
If you hop in a bed and someone is already there. They are a Crowder. If you are still unsure if they are classified as a Crowder... perform this test. Take a medium sized Stone and place it in bed with you and the probable Crowder. Say aloud, "this is getting kinda crowded." If the Stone stays... YOU ARE DEFINITELY IN BED WITH A CROWDER. Also, if the Stone stinks... it's definitely a Crowder.
by Dark_Space April 27, 2011
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