A soft ass click in Fort walton beach, Florida. Known for jumping people because none of them can fight. Based off the street "Carson" and "Kiwi" Also known as the pussiest streets in Da Fort.
Man them lovejoy niggas just beat the fuck outta them soft ass crosstown niggas.

LRS tried to jump me so I busted at them and they all ran like some bitches.

My little 5 year old brother got more hands then them crosstown niggas, and he dont need to jump nobody
by 850G00N April 10, 2010
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An interchange between Interstate 35W and Minnesota State Highway 62 in Richfield, Minnesota. Traffic often backs up for several miles. Try to avoid this area in full but if you must enter it, DO IT BEFORE RUSH HOUR OR YOU WILL REGRET IT!
To bypass the crappy Crosstown Commons, use I-494 or local streets.
by The Volkswagen Beatle November 19, 2004
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To non-Minneapolis/St. Paul area residents, this is known as Minnesota State Highway 62. It connects Interstate 494 to MN 55. This is the freeway that I grew up with and around, but I have to say now that its design isn't good. See Crosstown Commons.
Avoid Crosstown 62 during rush hour if possible.
by The Volkswagen Beatle January 3, 2005
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Crosstown traffic is a unique and pleasurable sexual act involving two partners of either gender. It is performed by evenly aligning both partners' anuses and having one partner crap inside of his/her partner's anus. The recieving end of the act has been described as pleasant, yet messy.
Alfonso: "Did you guys have sex?

Maurice: "No, but we did crosstown traffic."

Alfonso: "Awesome!"
by Dangerous Larry December 4, 2007
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When a person has beef with another person, from another area, For example John Queens, NY and Mike Bed-Stuy, NY Then the beef takes place across town.
Mos: Whats Up Medina, Who givin' you static

Medina: Some fool from West

Mos: Word Up! Crosstown Beef
by Cool Wayne April 10, 2007
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The most dangerous hood in Broward county, Fl a place where all steppers are birth. Ctb Niggas do not Fuck off you will get yo shit pushed back.
Damn them crosstown niggas just came Thru Da Dale and smacked whatchamacallit.
by Madmax954 November 23, 2021
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