An elaborate way to control the human mind so it will eventually rationalize any monetary transaction.
Person: You spent how much on that T-shirt?!

CrossFitter: It's more than just a T-shirt, you wouldn't understand.
by nopenope August 24, 2010
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Cross-Fit is a fake sport for people named Curtis whom hit on girls way out of their league.
Curtis is trying to look cool and tough by doing Cross-Fit but looks like an absolute idiot.
by Superman14117 October 28, 2015
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an asskicking, kick-ass daily high-intensity, "functional" fitness workout.workouts usually followed by vommiting.people who dig crossfit include: fire fighters,police officers,marines,seals,martial artists,soccer moms etc...

todays crossfit wod made me puke
by thefatkid March 07, 2009
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An exercise regimen enjoyed by Midwestern gorilla juice heads most named Tony

Most notable crossfit Tonys including crossfit tony:

*i have a dream tony
*gorilla juice head tony
*vagina tony
*crossfit tony
*hawaii tony
*pilot tony
Let's grab hawaii Tony and do some thrusters for the crossfit wod!
by Crossfit Tony August 13, 2010
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The capacity to endure severe physical pain for set periods of time. Some may find this addictive.
His back ached. His legs ached. His arms ached. He could barely get out of bed his abs were so sore. And yet, he couldn't stop thinking about the next crossfit class.
by AthleticSaffa December 01, 2020
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