A top (shirt) that a girl (or boy) wears, generally showing off most of the stomach. Many include showing the belly button.
Becky's Crop Top was so short!
Wow, didn't you love her Crop Top?
Let's go Crop Top shopping!!
by GiRlWhObLoGs April 07, 2015
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A short singlet that doesn't quite cover your stomach. popular in the 90's.
That crop top shows off her toned stomach.
by canarypopple May 03, 2009
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the shit i get judged in
friend 1: bro did u see her wear a crop top
friend 2: bro her belly button finna make me act up
by sierraig July 19, 2021
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A holiday occurring every Tuesday, generally for cross country/pole vaulting boys in which a cut off tee shirt is worn in celebration. Occasionally, female or none track and field related males are recruited and participate. Usually only once or twice. No one is more faithful than the original handful of boys, or should I say men, who began the tradition.
"Why are the cross country boys wearing that?"
"God, Susie, it's Crop Top Tuesday you uncultured swine!"
by youngshannie November 24, 2015
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A boy who ties his t shirt into a crop top. Very annoying. Probably named Noah or Leigh something.
No! Don’t let Crop-Top Carl play the game, he’ll ruin everything!
by Anonymous Lizard Killer October 20, 2021
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dora the fucking Explorer is a crop top melon head mexican child
7 years of age until the Season 5 episode "Dora's Big Birthday Adventure", in which she turns 8. She's 10 years old in Dora and Friends: Into the City!. In Dora and the Lost City of Gold she's 16 years old. but still looks 4 + a crop top melon head mexican child don't get mad
by aige June 10, 2021
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A pubic hair trim style where the only area shaved clean is the area not covered by swimwear.
I heard she has a Top Crop on the beach but a Jungle Bush in the sheets.
by Beaker Bongload June 12, 2020
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