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A (typically domestic) beer kept in the crisper drawer of a refrigerator because the door is full of Pepper sauces and the shelves are filled with steaks.
Hey, Nance, toss a crispy boy out here to Chad while I show him how to grill these T-bones.
by Chuckie_Lows July 27, 2018
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An overly affectionate name used to describe a bottle of Bud Light
Hey Gissell, toss me a crispy boy before I start this rad game of corn hole.
by Mr Smeed September 27, 2017
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A 'Crispy Boy' is a term used when someone(boy/girl) is offended, pissed, or even is sad.
1. *Kelly misses the catch* OH MY GOD! "KELLY IS A CRISPY BOY!"
2. *Asking the black guy if he is African* "BOY! I AM MEXICAN " OH YOU A CRISPY BOY
3. *Your best friend moves away* You are now a Crispy Boy
by A CRISPY WAGGERZ March 02, 2018
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