usually cute but often a player
"That guys cute"
"Oh that's crider... a player"
by 123urban456 October 11, 2016
A place where men are men, and the sheep are scared.
The only things you need in Criders are Velcro gloves and tall rubber boots. ;)
by biscuit_ehhh July 7, 2009
the most beautiful girl in the history of anything and erik really likes her more than anything
shelby crider! wow shes perfect
by EG (; February 16, 2014
Has 32k followers and is very irrelevant. Best friend is a bitch (Nikki)... her friend Nikki has no followers
Hey are you Sierra Crider?
by Donttouchmyarm October 28, 2019
A well define women whom is a great mother and the best girlfriend possible,with a heart of gold and all the strength needed to withstand the bullshit from j-hole.
If all women were like "Pattie Crider"the world would be a better place.
by I am your future September 27, 2011