1. An ancient creature or person which should have been long dead.
2. A boring situation which one should have stopped persueing hours ago
"Maaan, these waves are Cretaceous dude. We should split and catch outselves a fresh pie"
by Kigs December 7, 2006
"Maaan that shiiit was cretaceous!"
"yo hubert, that's totally cretaceous!!
by Feke September 5, 2007
something or someone that is too cool for any other word; alternative to saying "cool" because it is over-used
That new Franz Ferdinand album is cretaceous , man.
by Capital V December 18, 2005
its a show on netflix really good show about dinosaurs/ Jurassic park watchit its good
jeff-watch camp cretaceous
by hi matey mate June 3, 2021
When everyone around you in your social circle knows your girlfriend is going to get fucked by some other guy in front of you, but you don't know it yet because you have "apocalypsed" this girl as your best and only option . Also known as a "Pre-cuck"
Bro, you are such a cretaceous-cuck. Your new girlfriend treats you like shit.
by Drizzller November 24, 2020