When something is so crazy that it goes beyond the barriers of insane and shoots past the borders of wild.
Woah dude that’s crazytown!
by Crazytowncrazytown August 15, 2019
Living in a state of insanity
or being around the crazy/insane of the universe
My mom is the friggin mayor of crazytown.
by allierules October 10, 2005
A most original and talented band instrumentally. Their one hit "Butterfly" probably has the best guitar and bassline I've heard in music since...ever. They really knew what they were doing with that song and it's a shock that they aren't around anymore.
Crazytown took every note of their most glorious hit from the song Pretty Little Ditty by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and then didn't even spell the name right in their cd slip.
by Sean March 17, 2005
A derogatory term for someone who is insane or acting strangely. Often used in reference to girlfriends and/or homeless people.
David: Man, your girlfriend is fucking crazytown!
Aman: Sssshhhh...I think I hear her outside the window.
by sillypuppyman November 9, 2009
Something that is so insane, that it deserves it's own zipcode.
That joke was Crazytown USA.
by Brandon Treen October 29, 2005
crazy, insane, ridiculous, unbelievable, demented, bizarre
Yo, i can't believe you got rear ended by that 18-wheeler, that's crazytown butterfly.
by sharktongue September 15, 2006